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Safe Aqua Tech introduces advance water purification system best suited for the geographical and aclimatic conditions of India. Pioneer in the field of water purification process, Safe Aqua Tech the established year in 2000 the founder name is S.KUMAR, E.SARAVANAN. a unique product of reverse osmosis water purifier. Advantage of having Aquafina R-O system is its 8steps water purification technology. it removes all bacteria, viruses (dead & alive) by filtering it through the R-O Membrane.thus it also removes soluble impurities like pesticides, fluorides, heavy metal and undesirable salts and enhances the taste of water at its maximum.

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We have a team of skilled person, which is well versed in its domain of manufacturing products as per client's requirements. Our professionals have wide industry experience, qualified and are capable to understand the demands of industry. we are capable to meet the client's exact requirements in a timely manner.